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12 Ways to Unleash Your Unstoppable Beauty

Exalt Her Book Cover

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Exalt Her - The Book

Exalt Her Book

Have you started a new career or season in life and want to level up your beauty and confidence? It is your season!

Are you ready to UNLEASH your God given beauty and Step into who you really are?

Are you ready to let go the chains of the past and people that have been holding you back?

Are you looking for a new relationship or just ending one and is it time to focus on you again and get all that is meant for you? Lets do it sis!

Are you feeling stuck and don’t know where to start on this whole self care boss woman trend that seems overwhelming? Here is a step by step way to jumpstart your journey!

Are you ready to make some changes and attract more happiness, fullfillment, love and abundance in your life?

Let’s be done with hiding!

Exalt Her Book
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Author, Model, Beauty Coach

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Stacy Trujeque, a stunning Belizean American from Los Angeles and a vivacious entrepreneur, holds a Bachelors of Arts in Women Studies from Loyola Marymount University. She is the owner and beauty coach at EXALT HER and owner of ADARAE BEAUTY. Stacy is a licensed esthetician passionate about self-development and has been working in the beauty industry for over 7 years with experience in business development, management, sales, and consulting. Stacy has devoted her time to helping others unleash and reach their potential. She has shared the stage with beauty influencers and speaks on the topic of Exalt Her and Radiating Beauty all over. She is passionate about empowering women in building their confidence, beauty and vitality and helping them express it authentically, everywhere they go.

Although Trujeque, has extensive knowledge of skin care and beauty treatments, what sets her apart, is her teaching what she has learned about authentic beauty and attracting what is truly meant for you, in all areas of life. She knows the benefits of working on the skin and the difficulties stresses can cause on aging but knows that taking care of yourself internally, managing your mindset, and finding your sense of self can make a bigger impact on your image. Stacy says “When women are at their best, they bring out the best in men, they care for the world, they can love our world’s children. Let’s bring more of ourselves to the world!”

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Academy - Unleash Your Beauty

I coach women on the journey of rediscovering how to EXALT and UNLEASH their God-given beauty. We start by navigating and removing the chains of the past and the conformities of “learned beauty behaviors”. Instead, we’ll find a beauty that emerges from inside to a new level - a beauty so unwavering she can attract everything she wants and inspire the world.

Beauty is fun, but it’s also a tool. I want to eliminate the perception that it needs to be attained. Instead, we need to radiate it - meaning, it’s based on who we are, a part of us radiating outward! We already have everything we need. We have to shine up our leaves but we also need to water and take care of our soil and roots. Only then can we have a lasting beauty that is unwavering!

People notice that kind of INFLUENTIAL Beauty and that is this next generation of Beauty. We will show our real colors, our diversity and our adversity. That will be our beauty advantage!

Exalt Her Course 1:



This is a 12-week course that will assist you in taking actions on elevating and unleashing. This is a great way to level up! It goes over Beauty, Confidence, Image and Self Branding - to name a few. This 12-week action course will be available alongside the book. For more information sign up below.

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Exalt Her Course 2:


Personal Beauty Coaching with Stacy

This 12 week live course comes with a digital workbook and integrates coaching and live sessions. Also included are 6 custom facials, a full skincare regimen, consultation with a nutritionist, make-up lesson with full application, brand identity consultation, 6 one on one sessions live or via Skype, and BONUS 2 hour Goddess Photoshoot with a professional photographer to show how you’ve UNLEASHED.

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Stacy Trujeque empowers women to bring out who they naturally are. She helps them find more personal fulfillment, confidence and love by learning to unleash and bringing their light to the world.

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